Apothecary Gardening

photo (1)

With help from Tamarra S. James and her article for The Herbalist, The Apothecary Garden in History, we have created a garden on the Roof that is both medicinal and beautiful. As you can see the pollinators love it too.

“The idea of separating a garden into one for useful plants and another for beauty is…fairly recent.”

In the ninth century the Emperor Charlemagne wrote an edict, Capitulare de Villis that included a list of medicinal herbs to be planted in every household garden, “for the benefit of the nation”. Many of his suggestions have been planted into the self-watering containers at the South end of the Roof by the stairs. We have also added some New World lovelies. The pretty Green Metallic Bee on the Echinacea flower above approves completely, she arrived at planting and returns daily.

The Carrot Green Roof has been championing the blending of beauty with nutritional bounty and has been aided by many lovely, diverse communities, not the least of which are the Birds, Bees and Butterflies. A desire to support the sustainability of our food system and to maintain connections with pollinators helps determine what we cultivate.

photo (4)



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